cheap accommodation to the fair duesseldorf

Through­out the year, wel­comed the fair hotel Alberga inter­na­tion­al people from all over the world. Also our fair hotel in Duessel­dorf-Mettmann is for organ­izers, exhib­it­ors and vis­it­ors of the numer­ous fairs avail­able. Due to our cent­ral loc­a­tion and excel­lent trans­port links to Essen, Wup­per­tal and Cologne Trade fair. Our hotel is eas­ily access­ible for both the events in Duessel­dorf as well loc­ated in Cologne and by high­way or by pub­lic trans­port. Of course we are look­ing for­ward as much to wel­come fam­il­ies with chil­dren, tour­ists and groups in our Fair Hotel. Every day we make every effort to make our guests feel com­pletely com­fort­able and relaxed to start your day at our rich break­fast buf­fet. We serve break­fast on request in the hotel room.

Due to the large vari­ety of meas­ur­ing it has for vis­it­ors and exhib­it­ors often very dif­fi­cult to find a cheap hotel room. For this reas­on we ask all inter­ested people look­ing for a cheap option of accom­mod­a­tion to pos­sible long-term plan­ning. Although the Alberga presents itself as fair hotel, but it has also slightly the char­ac­ter of a relax­ing retreat in the idyll­ic oasis Mettmann, wel­come the many people after stress­ful days of the exhib­i­tion in crowded halls very. Even more this is anoth­er motiv­a­tion to pre­pare for all guests at all times an excel­lent stay in our fair hotel for us. They will feel the long-term exper­i­ence of a fam­ily busi­ness, which blend har­mo­ni­ously with the mod­ern­ity of a con­tem­por­ary fair hotel.


Fur­ther­more, our fair hotel include an elev­at­or that allows people with dis­ab­il­it­ies to spend the night with us. Although prices per night dur­ing ongo­ing fairs are favor­able to us, we place great emphas­is on per­son­al ser­vice and com­pre­hens­ive ser­vices. So our guests can check in our free daily papers on the latest events in polit­ics and soci­ety, or find out the latest inform­a­tion from the region. Com­mu­nic­a­tion facil­it­ies such as tele­phone and free Wi-Fi access in the fair hotel Alberga to the nor­mal stand­ard of a night.

We are happy to take care of neces­sary pho­to­cop­ies and faxes or con­vince with our laun­dry and iron­ing ser­vice, because espe­cially in a trade fair visit such ser­vices may not be miss­ing. Nerve-rack­ing park­ing prob­lems there are not in our fair hotel, because the base­ment gar­age is from 16:00 to 10:00 clock free and the out­board park­ing places can be used very con­veni­ently. Moreover, the romantic old town of Mettmann in a few minutes has with­in walk­ing dis­tance. There is not only fas­cin­at­ing, his­tor­ic facades can be admired, but also numer­ous din­ing options invite you to culin­ary dishes.

For our trade fair vis­it­ors turn a pleas­ant stroll through the city in Duessel­dorf-Mettmann has often a wel­come coun­ter­part to the hec­tic city. There­fore, the quiet, yet cent­ral loc­a­tion of our hotel will also pay for all the people from that even­ing just want to relax after an exhaust­ing day exhib­i­tion and for low look­ing for a night. Those who wish can make a long day relax­ing end to our hotel bar and there pro­cess all the per­son­al exper­i­ences of the day stress free. Our recep­tion is daily open from 6:00 – 22:00 clock and happy to help with the night and inter­est­ing inform­a­tion avail­able. Reas­ons for a night, there are many in Mettmann. Not only to fairs, numer­ous inter­est­ing sights make us a pop­u­lar des­tin­a­tion. One of them is a jour­ney of a very spe­cial kind. Noth­ing for who has in mind for a com­fort­able night, it should not fail to walk in the foot­steps of our former ancest­ors in the Neander­th­al Museum near us.

Fur­ther details of the fair hotel duessel­dorf about the reser­va­tion and accom­mod­a­tion are here available.