In cooper­a­tion with the fit­ness cen­ter “ME-Sport”, we offer you the pos­sib­il­ity to use the sauna as well as the sport and fit­ness offer. The sports cen­ter is only 20 meters away from the Messe­hotel Alberga. You also have the pos­sib­il­ity to visit the courses. An over­view of the cur­rent courses can you found here. In the me-sport STUDIO you can carry out a tar­geted, var­ied and indi­vidu­al train­ing in a very per­son­al and cor­di­al atmo­sphere. The sports concept is based on offer­ing every health and sports enthu­si­ast a mean­ing­ful, sus­tain­able and safe workout accord­ing to his or her per­son­al require­ments and goals. In the stu­dio, you can use the fol­low­ing areas for effect­ive and mul­ti­func­tion­al training.

  • Force range Basic
  • Strength range func­tion­al training
  • car­dio endur­ance train­ing and group fitness

The com­pet­ent team of coaches, con­sist­ing of gradu­ate sports sci­ent­ists and licensed fit­ness train­ers, is always at your side to advise, motiv­ate and improve your fitness.

Open­ing hours and saunas.

Please con­tact the hotel recep­tion in order to use the gym in the fit­ness center.
phone: +49 2104 9272–0 or by e‑mail: rezep­tion [at] messe­hotel-duessel­dorf [dot] com
The daily rate is: 6.50 €