Terms of business

1. The con­tract of accom­mod­a­tion is con­cluded, as soon as the room is reserved and accep­ted or, in the case that con­firm­a­tion is no longer pos­sible on time grounds, when it was made available.

2. The con­clu­sion of the con­tract of accom­mod­a­tion obliges the con­tract part­ners to ful­fill the con­tract, regard­less of the dur­a­tion for which the con­tract was con­cluded. The reser­va­tion of the room refers to the qual­ity of the room, not to a par­tic­u­lar room.

3. The hoteli­er is obliged to offer com­pens­a­tion if the reserved room is not available.

4. In case of non-ful­fill­ment of the con­trac­tu­al oblig­a­tions, the guest is obliged to pay the agreed or usual busi­ness price, less the saved expendit­ure of the hoteli­er (sav­ing 20%) if the hoteli­er is unable to alloc­ate the room otherwise.

5. Dogs are allowed only after advanced arrange­ment. Their entry into the break­fast room is not allowed.

6. The con­tracts place of per­form­ance is Mettmann.

7. Court of jur­is­dic­tion are the county court in Mettmann and the State Court in Düsseldorf.

We wish you a good jour­ney and look for­ward to your visit!
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